Dei Cutting packaging


Basically, die cutting is a method adapted in making the same shape out of wood, metal, plastic or fabric in large quantities. To make that happen, a sharp blade is formed into a desired shaped and then mounted on a strong backing. This is called as die. After that, the material that will be cut is placed on a surface and the die is pressed against it. Depending of the type of material, a die might cut one piece of and it can cut several layers of materials, thus creating a stack of designs of the same shape and size. With this procedure, artists are able to come up with different sorts of designs like die-business cards, wedding invitations, and many more.

In this article, you will find die-cut brochure designs that you can use as inspirations for your next design. These brochures come from different artists with different perspectives and ideas of presenting their subjects. Check these out and help us spread this post by clicking our social media buttons.



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